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ERP Implementation



We provide consultancy of ERP implementation to YOUR business. ERP implementation is to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments' particular needs.  ERP implementation brings together fragmented operations, often replacing multiplicity of legacy systems.  By sharing common information across an integrated set of application modules, ERP implementation can speed up transactions that cross your business.  ERP implementation solutions are effective at streamlining business processes that cut across the functional areas of your business. 

We expertise in implementation of various ERP softwares like Microsoft AXAPTA, RAMCO, Microsoft Dynamics and EMS(a highly customizable and cost effective product for all business sizes).

If you are interested in knowing more about how can ERP be beneficial to your organization, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Adapts the solution to your processes and your business needs and not the other way around
  • Ensures that end users are involved in firming up the business processes along with the user interfaces
  • Enables to see visually what is going to be final solution even at the early stage of development minimizing the gap between expectations and the final output
  • Provides a process based approach to implementation allowing prioritization of areas with the highest return
  • Has a web based integrated delivery environment, allowing collaboration over multiple locations thereby optimizing knowledge, skills and costs wherever they may be around the world
  • Leverages the highly automated and declarative nature of the development environment enabling rapid delivery of complex and personalized solutions
  • Has structured, and automated methodologies for Blueprinting, Requirements specifications, Design, Construction, Testing, Deployment and Change management maximizing your time and effort and ensuring rapid delivery
  • Enables continuous improvement of the solution during and beyond the go live stage, over the life cycle of usage of the applications

Realize your business vision faster, with better operational control and at lower risk of execution.

Faster time to benefit

For large and complex projects, our solutions are delivered in about half the time it normally takes through conventional approaches. You enjoy the benefits of your IT investments early, leading to a higher ROI. You can prioritize `High Return implementation initiatives' to be delivered earlier.

From a business perspective, you can start with your current needs and progressively grow with the required functionality without being burdened with any unnecessary baggage of software. This approach will realize quicker returns and avoid sensational and inefficient big bang implementations.

Operational independence

You are no longer constrained by periodical vendor product release plans leading to disruptive quality issues and unnecessary functionality. You can have your own solution and technology road map with pre-built or new components. In short, you are free to chart your own course.

This improves your ability to shift your IT assets from potentially obsolete technologies. You can now implement your business imperatives without the constraints of complex inter-related technologies and codes that are difficult to maintain, let alone change.

Lower risk

History has shown that most problems in enterprise applications occur during the specification of business requirements. You, as a part of the business entity always tend to be in a divergent path from the application vendor. Following the traditional path of enterprise applications results in higher risk. This is due to the implementation methodologies and delivery approaches not adapting to business, user and ongoing change needs.

Our solutions are intrinsically designed to address the business requirements and support ongoing adaptations in a superior manner compared to products and customs solutions.

Our solutions are evergreen and are there for you today and into the future.

Advantages of ERP :-

  • Ease of use – The system of ERP is very user friendly. With the correct amount of training, it becomes easy for the employees to use the system.
  • Best business practices – The ERP system helps companies to do away with the erroneous ways of carrying out the different business functions and introduces business best practices. This further helps to provide better control and introduces standardized ways to execute business processes.
  • Ready-made elucidation for most of the problems – Most of the problems get resolved as the vendors who develop ERP software packages, take the best ideas from all their customers and incorporate them into their products.
  • Only customization required – ERP Systems are already developed to suit the general businesses. But as every company has a slightly different way of operating, only minor changes may be needed to customize the system to suit the company’s particular business requirements.
  • Information entered only once into the system – As all the departments and the functions in the organization are integrated and linked to one single database, data needs to be entered only once into the system. It can then, be accessed by different departments according to their needs. For example, before taking an order from a customer, the sales representative can have access to information regarding availability of inventory, credit rating of the customer, etc.
  • Easy enterprise wide information sharing – Once the information is entered into the single database, everyone in the organization has access to the information and sees the same computer screen.
  • Reduction in time required to complete tasks – As the different parts of the organization are connected with each other, people have faster access to information and require less time to do their tasks. This helps to improve the time and resources for decision-making.
  • Customer satisfaction – In the paper-based system, the order moved from basket to basket around the organization, and often caused delays, errors in processing due to repeated entries by the different department or got lost. With the ERP system, the order process moves quickly through the organization. This helps to get the orders to the customers faster and there is no in-basket time waiting time involved.
  • ROI earlier than the software developed in-house – Developing software in-house requires a great amount of investment, experienced professionals and tremendous amount of time. The payback from the in-house system takes an equally longer time. As ERP software packages are developed by vendors who have the required expertise, they are basically off the shelf packages that companies pick up that require minor customizations as per company requirements, and so they don’t involve an in-depth development like the in-house software. Hence the ROI is received faster from the ERP system

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